Thursday, April 11 2024

funThe last couple of days have possed a lot of hardship to the six Big Brother Mzansi finalists. Cycling, running and burning an eternal flame all in the name of endurance week left no room for recration in the house that is occupied by a handful of housemates.

Let’s be frank, there are only so many times you can play dominoes or settle in for a round of cards before you start to feel like you’re living it up in a retirement home.

Biggie decided to show some grace and shine some light on this dismal situation and throw the Housemates a bag of fun.

In an attempt to get the Housemate’s spirits up a box has been given to them, filled to the brim with an assortment of games to play.

Cricket, croquet, badminton, rugby and soccer all in one sweet package of sunshine all in the hope of adding some cheer and frivolity to the constantly shifting dynamic in the House.

The afternoon games started off with a rather tasteful bang as all the Housemates, who just happen to be dressed to the nines decided to play a game of croquet.

Mandla seems to be a fan of the game, his attempts at trying to incorporate everyone from Iris all the way through to his main man Sol.
Biggie has made this experience all the more fun by bumping the best in local music , causing the ladies to whip out all their signature dance moves, especially Iris who is making up for her late start to the day by grooving in the garden.

This box of outdoor fun and games is a nice catalyst for the Friday night games that seem to be looming all over everyone’s consciousness.

Kat, MK and Loko all seem to be dressed and ready for the festivities ahead, this is a tell-tale sign of anticipation and anxiety.

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