Monday, April 15 2024
As we all know Adams is a massive flirt with every girl in the house except for Ntombi. This morning he asked Blue if she was thirsty for romance and she said no.  He told her that she will be thirsty sooner or later and deep down she knows. When it does come, he will be there to quench her thirst. 

She had been avoiding the fun buddy situation with housemates at all costs because she had been scared that one would lose interest and the other would get a bit keen which would generally end with somebody’s feelings getting hurt.
Adams also asked her if there was anything happening with her, Matthias and K2 and she said no because she was not in the house to form any relationship.  She also mentioned that the reason why she won’t have any “small relationships” was because she came out of a serious relationship and that is why she won’t waste her time with sleeping around or have small interests with any guys in the house.
Meanwhile, K2 had also made classic moves on the “Duchess” and this morning he also told her that he feels thirsty. Adams has becoming a threat to K2 and Blue’s romance if ever there was one and we wonder who will take the crown.
May the best man win boys!

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