Sunday, July 21 2024
While it’s mostly smooth sailing for everyone, there’s one simple commandment for all: don’t break Biggie’s rules!
It’s been a wild weekend with the free-spirited partying and drinking leading to some inappropriate situations amongst the housemates. While fun is encouraged in the house, Big Brother does not tolerate any offensive behaviour so just as everyone had settled down after the live eviction, Biggie summoned them to the lounge for a disciplinary hearing.
The order of business was K2 and Adams’ behaviour towards Bexx as well as Ace’s behaviour towards Bexx. Biggie played back recordings of their offenses then read one of the house rules that reads:
Prohibited Behaviour
Big Brother is a game that encourages individual expression. However, there are types of behaviour that will not, under any circumstances, be tolerated in the Big Brother house; namely –
If a housemate displays any overt offensive behaviour…
After reading out the rule Biggie addressed the first offense which was K2 and Adams partaking in overtly offensive behaviour towards Bexx. Bigge explained that their behaviour, even though they later apologized, was a direct violation of a rules and as such they were both immediately issued with strikes.
Big Brother then moved onto Ace’s offensive and explained how Ace’s actions were also very disrespectful and a personal indiscretion based on Bexx’s reaction. He too was then issued with a strike with immediate effect.
Because the game is played in pairs, all of the boys’ partners were also automatically issued with a strike. This then means Tembi, Blue and Ntombi now also have one strike each.
According to the Big Brother rules, if a housemates receives three strikes they will be immediately disqualified from the house.
The ruling was an emotional one for everyone and Ace firmly objected his strike. Tembi couldn’t fight back the tears and had to be consoled by Soxx. K2 just sat quietly and took it all in while Blue comforted him.
It’s tense time in the house.

End of road for Tiffin and Uncle Gino


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