Monday, April 22 2024

emmetNew entrant Emmett promised to shake things up and indeed he’s not just seated, the Canadian star wants to hook up Lexi and actually, he plans to do it with the knowledge and blessing of Mandla.

Emmett came up with the idea and shared with Mandla that they should play Lexi and see what happens, Mandla sided with Emmett because he never showed any objection.

Emmett explained to his new buddy that he will hit on her and when she falls for him, he (Emmett) will let him (Mandla) know about everything. However, we don’t know what will follow in case Lexi falls for these two’s plan.

Meanwhile, Lexi is known for her short temper and just in case she learns about the pair’s plan, she’ll definitely be pissed with Mandla especially basing on the fact that they share some sort of relationship.

Will Lexi fall for Emmett?

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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Emmett shakes things up


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  1. She will never fall for this. The only guy she was ever involved with, was Mandla. Other than Kat she does not need guys to play her game, one is enough. Give the girl some credit.

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