Saturday, July 20 2024
Home is not a place but a feeling and, for season two. Big Brother has pulled out all the stops. With corks and screws wound and preened just right the house is looking the part.
In each season of Big Brother Mzansi the house doesn’t just serve as the lowly backdrop to the lives of the housemates, but it also provides context and even spurring the drama that unfolds between them.
This house adds loads of character in an elegant greenhouse inspired design that filters in the warm rays of the sun for those  looming chilly winter mornings. The landscaping weaves the most delightful natural light through the corridors and over the matt varnished surfaces. The finish is polished yet welcoming, clean yet unfussy. The perfect home away from home. 
Famous, or infamous, there are common areas that housemates often mosey towards and this is where the magic happens.
First up, is the Jacuzzi. There is something about dipping into a lavish container of warm bubbles of water that brings the downright naughty out of housemates. We’ve witnessed some special – and scandalous – moments thanks to Jacuzzi. We look forward to more of that.
Then came the kitchen.  First we eat, then we do everything else. So this naturally blends into a common area of ease, togetherness and comfort. But it can also be a contested space when emotions collide and the heat jump from the frying pan into the fire.
This season Biggie’s added a walk-in closet carved out of dark wood sent straight from the heavens. So more space for the fashionistas to store their precious threads, and a whole sanctuary dedicated to grooming.
Lastly is the living area. A large vessel of some more comfort with wide loungers surrounding a glass table with a striking ethnic design. Another area of togetherness, but this is also where the housemates are likely to gather when Biggie announces their fate in the game during nominations and evictions shows. Yikes! 
The theme seems to inspire calm and serenity which might prevail. Or it may just bring out the opposite in the housemates – if we’re lucky. Either way entertainment reigns where contradictions thrive.

Just few Hours to the real thing "DOUBLE TROUBLE", Are you ready?


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