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Thato is marking her Territory

After being selected to be the DHoH, Nale would spend most of her time with Tulz and as it happens, she has been visibly fond of him from the quirky way she would mimic his behaviour to their deep meaningful conversations – we’ve seen them grow closer to one another. However, when Tulz confessed to not being able to be alone with her in the dark she quickly interjected and insisted on leaving the HoH Bedroom for the sake of establishing healthy boundaries.

Tulz attracted to Nale Big brother mzansi
Tulz and Nale

On the other hand, we think she could have been playing him at his own game to make sure he makes the first move while she still holds the power to accept his advances, or is it a bigger power play at hand? Nale may simply be aligning with whoever she thinks is the strongest guy in the House – either way, she is in the game and she is playing her part. Although Tulz appears to be primarily occupied by Nale, he has had his fair share of encounters with Thato – who has expressed her unwavering crush on him and even stated that she would date him outside the House. Thato has slowly been moving ‘on Tulz and unfortunately for her, we think Tulz had a plan to use her to make Nale jealous. Tulz is aware of Thato’s feelings and plays very cautiously around her while still leading her on enough to keep her thinking about him.

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Yesterday after the party, Tulz got confronted by Thato who feels like he has not been honest with her. He responds that he has been and any time Thato speaks to him, she brings up Naledi and never asks him what he thinks of her. He makes it very clear that he is not dating Naledi, may have liked her but that is no longer and he deliberately made no move on Thato so that she did not feel “second best”. On social it seems fans were advising Thato to move on, immediately but it seems that she is the one in a friendzone and not the other way round. However, she still has options, Gash1 tried opening up to her about his love interest but our girl is not buying it, she’s convinced that he’s only after her because Terry turned him down.


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