Sunday, July 21 2024

Few Months back, Big Brother Mzansi the secrets winner (Mandla) together with her lover bird Lexi Van posed for a photo which showed, Mandla kissing Lexi’s tummy as you can see in the photo above.

It’s one of those rumours that, like a mosquito, just won’t go away! Is Lexi Van really preggie?


The reality show star has been rumoured to be carrying a little bambino ever since she started gaining a little weight. 
But Lexi says she’s not about to join the celeb mommy brigade.

“I didn’t know I was pregnant!,” Lexi told CliffCentral’s Arye Kellman in an interview recently.
“I’m not pregnant. I’ve tweeted. I’ve said in interviews. I’m not pregnant.
“Even in my pictures I drink alcohol, a lot of alcohol. I’ve just gained weight because I’m happy. Allow me to gain weight, please,” she pleads.
But Mandla Hlatshwayo reveals that Lexi actually wants to be a mom, like, real bad!
“I want a baby,” she says, “Mandla doesn’t want a baby now, but I want a baby so bad. My baby’s name is going to be Rainbow,” she adds.
“I told him (Mandla) the other day that we should start buying baby clothes so that when the baby comes it won’t be so expensive. My baby doesn’t have to have swag,” she says. 
“If I don’t have a baby by the end of the year or next, there will be no Mandla and Lexi,” she jokes.
Now, if only Mandla would propose….

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