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finalsIt has been two months of frustration, tears, laughter and bonding, the moment all of Mzansi has waited for has finally arrived.

We stood by them both in the good and bad and we’ve also shown our displeasure with equal passion when they’ve disappointed us. Today however, the cream of the crop stand before us, all cognisant of the fact that by 22:30 CAT tonight, one of them will walk out of the House with a fat bank balance. There’s no denying it. R1 million is a lot of money.

It’s been a long, arduous journey for our favourite Housemates but like all journeys, this one has to come to an end. As the fat lady takes to the stage, mic in hand, we take one last look at the six amazing personalities we’ve welcomed into our living rooms (and bedrooms). Who is walking away with the Big Brother Mzansi crown?

MK – There’s absolutely no denying that this man is as intelligent as they come. Watching him conceptualise and brain-storm the execution of Tasks week in and week out with his fellow Housemates, has been nothing but a joy. This dread-locked cutie came into the House and kept a bit of a low profile. However, he made sure to never disappear into the background and shown formidable strength throughout his stay. MK has played far away from drama and controversy and actually got along with all his fellow Housemates. Has he done enough to walk away with R1 million? Many viewers think so.

Iris – Iris started off in the Chamber and was soon upgraded to the Main House. Despite a rocky start, Iris quickly made friends and won us over with her bubbly personality and crazy shenanigans. She has spent most of her stay regaling her fellow Housemates with stories about her life outside the House and has proved to be a hit not only with her fellow Housemates, but with the viewing public as well. Despite being put up for possible Eviction four times, Iris survived every time. Could she walk away with the cash tonight?

Mandla – From the first time he set foot in the House, Mandla took on the role of resident clown. However, he piped down just enough to form a memorable relationship with Evicted Housemate, Lexi. He’s walked around shirtless for most of his stay and has entertained us with stories from his kasi and Spaza Shop. Is that enough to help him take it?

Kat – This sexy girl has enjoyed many suitors in the House and has entertained us with her fun, flirty ways. Despite breaking a few hearts along the way, Kat has remained wildly popular. She is definitely one of the Housemates that has thoroughly enjoyed her time in the House. She showed us just how strong she is when she bounced back in spectacular fashion after having most of the House against her. That’s how you play it. Has she flirted her way to a cool R1 million? We’ll find out tonight!

Sol – Sol of the House has entertained us with funny Diary Sessions and his over the top personality. It’s no wonder he’s such a hit on the airwaves. This cutie has shown himself to be a steadfast man who never gives up. Even when Kat turned down his advances, he persisted and despite not winning her heart, he won many fans. Sol is one Housemate who has made some really smart decisions, which have taken him this far. Is he taking it?

Loko – Miss “bump the likhwa” has no doubt enjoyed her stay in the House. If she wasn’t dancing up a storm and enjoying Shap Shaps, she was canoodling with her beau Poolie. Definitely a fun girl. She proclaimed throughout her stay that she is a nice person and does not like getting caught up in drama. We believe her. Is all that enough to help her be crowned Big Brother Mzansi champ?

South Africa, who is walking away R1 million richer tonight?

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