Saturday, July 20 2024

cardsTime Check; 09:05: Post the morning exercise session, the finalists clean the house together and also prepare breakfast.

Time Check; 09:19: Kat playfully fights with Mandla on the bed over a toy bunny, hmmm… She seems to be like a woman on mission.

Time Check; 09:48: While in the kitchen, Sol of the house, Kat and Mandla sing some songs just to keep the boredom at bay.

Time Check; 10:30: ‘Dynamic duo’ Sol, Kat and Mandla sit down for a game of cards.

Time Check; 10:55: Kat takes a nap while her favourite song is being played.

Time Check; 11:20: Biggie may be playing some nice tunes but most of the finalists especially the ladies are fast asleep, meanwhile, the Arena games are around the corner so this she get them up soon.

Time Check; 12:00: Kat and Loko finally wake up and join the boys downstairs in the game of cards.

Time Check; 12:45: The task brief is read and housemates get ready.

Time Check; 12:55: MK and Sol express their nervousness ahead of the voting that starts tonight. Sol talks about a hit song he wants to do on the outside. The boys agree that it feels great to still be in the house.

firstTime Check; 13:32: Already at the Arena, Loko, Iris and Kat are up first. That’s quite a tight rope they are having to walk! The boys are cheering them on though.

Time Check; 13:45: Sol makes to the other end, quite some fun here.

Time Check; 14:20: The boys’ team wins.

Time Check; 14:40: Mandla does some changes to the bedroom, could it be a move to try an forget his ‘better half’?

Time Check; 14:55: The store room is opened, the week’s groceries arrive, Kat gets busy in the kitchen.

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