Monday, April 22 2024

runBeing the final Big Brother Mzansi week, one would most probably hope that Biggie would pamper and hand out simpler tasks to his guests, but no way! It’s Biggie’s house and he decides how well he treats the housemates.

Well, as part of the Endurance week tasks, housemates were this morning handed another task; to run, run and run. At the sound of the horn, the housemates are required to hop to their feet and run until they hear the horn’s sound again, and this is very serious as any blunders may land the poor souls in hot soup.

Meanwhile, after running for sometime, some housemates likes Iris started complaining about the whole running about thing and argued that it was too much for them.

Well, over to you Biggie, you just heard Iris’ cry!

-By-Bigg Mzansi 

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