Tuesday, April 23 2024

Big Brother Mzansi lovebirds, Mandla and Lexi, are set to launch their own reality tv show.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, you read that absolutely correctly! Arguably one of Big Brother’s most famous and successful couples, Mandla and Lexi, have teamed up to kick off their own reality show! I have to say, beyond your usual culprits (Big Brother, Idols, etc) reality show culture in SA isn’t as massive as it is in other countries (Thinking mainly the states and UK). Regardless of that,  Mandla and Lexi have decided to take a bold risk (even bolder than their shower scene…) and kicked off their own reality show that will focus on their lives and relationship.
The show will share the full story of how they fell in love in the Big Brother House and how the fame, money and attention from the show has affected their lives outside of the house.
We caught wind of this story on Mzansi Gossip who describe Mandla and Lexi as South Africa’s “It couple”. I’m not 100% sure about that statement, although since Minnie and Itu split I suppose the title is up for grabs!
The real question though, is do Mandla and Lexi have enough going on in their lives for us to watch them on a daily, or even weekly basis?

What has Kat from Big Brother been up to?


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