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When Mzamo Gcabashe burst onto our screens as the intriguing Big Brother Mzansi contestant earlier this year, he had a very clear plan to use as a platform to launch his career as an entertainer.

But what Gcabashe couldn’t plan for were the challenges that would come with establishing himself as a performing artist long after the reality show.
“Before I went on to Big Brother, I was knocking on many doors for a chance to get into the entertainment industry. Even though people could see I was talented, many were scared to work with me because they believed people would focus too much on my sexuality.” As his public profile grew, Gcabashe became more adamant about breaking some of the stereotypes around homosexuality in the entertainment industry.
“When I went onto television, I knew people would expect me to be a certain way because I am openly gay. Many were disappointed when they discovered my actual character on the show,” he recalls. “I don’t want to be known for being gay. I want to be given an equal chance to show what I have to offer in the music industry.”
Gcabashe’s dream came true when the CEO of Native Rhythms, Sipho Sithole, heard him singing on Big Brother. The minute Gcabashe was evicted from the house he was offered a recording deal with the company. “I’ve always loved singing. But I believe that I bring more to the table than my singing talent. A good artist doesn’t just sing well, he is also a good performer. I am very inspired by legends such as the late Brenda Fassie and Boom Shaka. These days all the singers sound the same, I want to bring that excitement back into the music.
Gcabashe says his first single, Turn Around, is his pride and joy. “It’s the first product that I’ve put out there so I’ve worked very hard to make sure that it is a great representation of my work.”
While he speaks excitedly about his music, he is apprehensive about placing it in to a specific genre. “I want to be the kind of artist who can move from pop to R&B and even house music,” he says. “I’m still on a journey of self discovery in the music industry so I don’t want to restrict myself.”
Of people who motivate him, television presenter Bonang Matheba is top of his list. “I really admire her work ethic. There was a time when musicians were the most popular people in the industry, but a presenter like Bonang is just as popular, if not more popular, than many musicians.”
While he had initially hoped to stay clear of some of his enemies from the Big Brother house, he revealed that they will be collaborating on a project soon. “All I can say is, we are about to take the entertainment industry by storm.”

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