Friday, July 19 2024
In the blink of an eye everything can change and that’s exactly what happened this evening. Before Gino and Tiffini’s seats had even gone cold, Biggie called everyone back to lounge and promptly issued strikes to Ace, Adams and K2 for their inappropriate behaviour a few nights prior.
The wrath of Biggie sent shock waves through the house and although the punishment fitted the crime, it didn’t stop it from affecting all the housemates. As soon as the strikes were issued, Ace protested the ruling and pleaded his innocence but Biggie would have none of it.
Because the game is played in pairs, Ntombi, Blue and Tembi also automatically received strikes and Tembi didn’t take this well. She burst into tears as Biggie gave his verdict and had to be consoled by Blue. Adams tried to apologize to her but his partner wouldn’t give him the time of day.
On the other end K2 didn’t waste time making ammendents with Bexx for his actions and thankfully she accepted his apology. Blue also stuck by his side and reassured him that she still has his back.
Ace however took it the hardest and spent over an hour fighting his case to Ntombi. His soulmate reprimanded him strongly for jeopardising their game but still offered him advice and her support. Finding solace in the fact that at least they hadn’t been disqualified, the lovers eventually kissed and made up.
No matter how the men feel about the judgment, Big Brother’s say is final and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. Everyone will definitely be on their best behaviour for a while after this.
We just wonder how they’ll handle the rationing of alcohol. It’s the reincarnation of the liquid diet and cigarette-gate all over again! 

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