Sunday, April 21 2024

As Matthias and Sibu‘s time in the house came to an end, Biggie asked them to do one last thing for him. The pair had to pass on their winnings from the Friday Night Games to another pair in the house. Although they didn’t know what the prize would be, Matthias and Sibu chose to give the prize to Mbali and Chelsea, an about-turn from their earlier decision to give the prize to K2 and Blue. Perhaps they weren’t too pleased by the fact that Blue and K2 had been amongst the housemates who nominated them.

The prize is actually R10 000 each to the winning pair however it comes with a little condition. In order to walk away with the prize, the pair must convince the other housemates to partake in a liquid diet. But because Biggie is Biggie, the housemates will be tempted with tasty goodies throughout the duration of the diet and if any housemate breaks the diet, the winning housemates will lose their R10 000.

Atleast a little good has come out of the eviction of the pair the housemates loved to hate.

Chelsea and Mbali are R10 000.00 richer but at what cost?


WEEK 2: How Mzansi Voted

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