Friday, July 19 2024

Big brother Mzansi Double Trouble housemate, Mbali Nkosi who was pairing with Chelsea Humpfrey today came out to speak about her life and biography in an Interview she held with Star Studded Magazine, Here is what she had to say:

SS: Briefly tell us who is Mbali is how did all started?
Mbali: I’m a 25 years old, half Swazi half Zulu. I am an actress, presenter and music artist and it started when I was 5 years old when my mother enrolled me in art school where I did dancing, musical theatre and drama.
SS: You have a smash single out #Rain, what inspired the beautiful song?
Mbali: A passion to make it in this industry I love and honestly we all want to make it and live large.
SS: You`ve been around but most people may be noticed you on Big Brother,tell us how did that boost you in terms of your career?
Mbali: It helped a lot appearing on Big Brother as it gives you the exposure you need if you have a plan.
SS: What inspires you most to keep working hard to reach your goal? Mbali: Simple… My Family!!!
SS: What has been your major influence, also what brings out the best in your music and craft?
Mbali: A major influence in my life has been my mother, my love for the craft.
SS: What is your greatest memory in your music journey?
Mbali: My greatest memory was performing on stage (dancing) to the song I co-wrote, greatest feeling I have ever experienced.
SS: What is the most important lesson that life has taught you?
Mbali: Everything has a time and a place!
Source: star studded magazine

Check out Mbali's RAIN VIDEO, It's so dope


Gail Mabalane is joining Generations: The Legacy and will be making her debut tonight.

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