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Ex-housemate QV willingly called it quits after having mental health complications

Big Brother Mzansi ex housemate QV prematurely asked for an early exit from Biggie’s house on day 3 because her health conditions couldn’t handle the stress from 17 strangers (housemates). It all started when Biggies tasked housemates to “wear their hearts on the sleeves” and share their upbringing, so they could know each other.

Following a stream of emotional stories and tears, it was QV’s turn. After a huge sigh, she rubbed her hands and then rested them on the cushion of top of her thighs. “Give me a few seconds guys.”

When she finally spoke, she shared her childhood trauma in a shaky voice, almost holding back tears. “Before the age of seven, I had already experienced sexual abuse from three different men. I am going to talk about one in particular, because [then], I guess, you guys will better understand who I am.”

She shared that her mom had been a travelling woman and was hardly home, so she stayed at home with her stepfather who was also working. She was required to go to a friend’s place every day after school.

“This friend of mine had a brother, and he was 19 at the time. I remember this vividly. Every day when I came back from school, that guy would rape me.”

She further explained that, as a child, she’d steal money a lot, and one day she had stolen R100 with the intention of running away and spoiling herself.

Little did she know that she’d get a hiding from her mother who, at the time, did not know what was happening. QV said that incident had made her resent her mom for years until she opened up about her trauma when she was in matric.

Her story left many hurt to the core.

After Monday, QV seemed a bit distant, and found it hard to make connections and be herself around the Big Brother house. She then took a decision to leave the show to deal with her mental health.

The 23-year-old from Mahikeng said her emotional goodbyes on Wednesday morning, which left many shocked but in support of her decision.

The organizers of the reality show affirmed her exit with an official statement.

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Today in one of the interviews she had with the media, she said that she is grateful for the opportunity although she was unable to keep in the house for the 70 days due to her health conditions. She applauded everyone who supported and understood her situation, and also the critics who she said that she fully understands their disappointment.

I thank each and everyone of you that received me well and those that were sensitive about my situation, generally for the love and support, I’m overwhelmed. Even the negative comments I understand, I don’t hold it to anyone.

We share love with her and wish her a quick recovery.


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