Friday, July 19 2024
She started by greeting everyone and  she was always feeling sad when they would get invites from Botswana, Pta and the rest except Free State.  She thought people from home never loved them but now she was happy to see that they are loved. She thanked every Royal for the support from Vote to Trending every week because she says it really helped them. 
She thanked fans a lot for money contributions adding that, when they came out the Big Brother Mzansi house with nothing they didn’t know where to start from. She felt like they spent two months for nothing because they didn’t know where to go from there but the fans support was so strong until now. 

They are a brand on their own as K2Blue. She applauded the support their fans give them on every event and the continual support especially in the current Mzansi sexiest voting. She prayed to God to grant his most awards to their supporters and all their heartly desires.

Credits: Moithwesi


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