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Big Brother has hit the ground running this season from the moment the Housemates entered the House. In what we’ve come to know as the “no names” twist, the Housemates were barred from revealing their names to which they dismally failed which has now impacted their Wager.

To make thing a little lighter after the tear-jerking afternoon from heartfelt stories, the Housemates showed off their moves in the fiercely contested game of Musical Chairs.

The rules of the game:

  • Housemates were required to keep dancing and be in motion while the music was playing

  • They were not allowed to carry a chair

  • They were not allowed to shove someone from their seat

  • While in motion, they were required to be moving at the pace of the music

In case you spotted a few that were off-beat we think we can cut them some slack on this one. Dancing isn’t for everyone. However, when it comes to Libo, Tulz and Norman the gents showed up and showed off their happy feet, unfortunately, Norman was not quick enough to make it to the Last round.

To determine the winner of the Head of House Challenge, Biggie presented Libo and Tulz with the Silver domes twist. All they had to do was open each dome on the table in front of them to reveal the contents of each dome. With only one containing the emblem to crown the winner, Tulz in the game of luck is the first Housemate to be crowned the Head of House after he found the emblem.

This week Tulz enjoys the luxuries and perks of the HoH Bedroom and what better way to enjoy his stay than share it with Nale. Tulz has picked Nale to be his Deputy Head of House for this week. While he is safe from the Fake Sunday Eviction, we wonder how his rule will set the tone for the future HoH winners.

Deputy HoH Nale

Making their way to the guestlist of the HoH Bedroom are Acacia and Libo, who have been individually selected by the powers that be. While we know that two’s company and three’s a crowd – we wonder what four will be when their guests visit.

We are just as excited and curious to know how your faves will rule this roost.

Big Brother Mzansi season 3 is broadcast live 24/7 on DStv Channel 198. There is a daily highlight show on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161), Tuesdays to Fridays starting 25 January 2022 at 22.30. Sunday Eviction Shows begin on 30 January at 18:00 and will be broadcast on Mzansi Magic.


Photos: Interior view of the Big Brother MZANSI House


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