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When the pair failed to win something from Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble, So many laughed at them and called them all sorts of names, In fact they had more haters after the show than they had before they left the house. 

NtombAce walked away with the life-changing R 2 million prize after spending 56 days in the Big Brother house while K2Blue left the show in the same way they entered it without any single coin.

Life outside the Big Brother house seemed to be a little different, winners of the show got relaxed, they spent much time in comfortable zones than planning and eventually started sloping down as losers where climbing their ladders to success.

Blue Mbombo, in one of her post on Instagram said “Your failure doesn’t define you, determination does. Keep grinding hard“. This means, she knew it deep within her that failing in the House didn’t mean the end of the road, but rather a challenge that she had to overcome with the power of determination in order to make her goals come to pass.
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Are the Mbombos hospitalised or just swagga?


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