Sunday, April 21 2024

Just after season 2 of Big Brother Mzansi got its curtains wrapped on Sunday where Ace and Thombi a.k.a Low class emerged millionaires and winners of Big Brother Mzansi 2, following a tight competition between the royals and Qabas, many anti-Royal fans where happy because the royals spent 56 days in the house but failed to pocket any coins apart from the immunity and other house bonuses (not in form of money).

Despite K2 having so many tries in the house for the past 56 days, which included the one with Thembi and Mbali, I believe the perfect one will always remain Blue because he has tried to get out of the bracket but he always finds himself back to Blue.

They are both softies wanting the same thing, traditional marriage and family ‘ and they make a good couple ‘ and K2 might end up walking out with blue for life just like Mandla and Lexi.




"Winning Big Brother is only the beginning for us"- NtombAce

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