Thursday, April 11 2024

Gear up for Norman and Sis Tamara’s perfect wedding.

In the early hours of tonight, Norman decided to take a bold step and propose to Sis Tamara. He spent quite a portion of his time preparing to bring this proposal together – going as far as rehearsing his plans with Yoli, B.U. and Gash1. The trio assisted him further in gathering all the Housemates by the Jacuzzi where Sis Tamara why unassumingly relaxed and while they blew off some steam over a storytelling game that the Housemates created.

sis tamara and Norman

First thing’s first, when Norman introduced the idea to some of his fellow Housemates he vaguely said, “he’s ready to make somebody happy tonight” and boy, did he make them the happiest Housemate. Sis Tamara has been beaming with happiness and excitement over this gesture and has since given Norman pet names like Husband and baby.

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sis tamara and Norman

The Maid of Honour by default is Head of House and in-House bestie Terry. She’s so excited about this she has asked Biggie to give the Housemates a wedding ceremony on Saturday afternoon and close it off with the Saturday Night Party as the reception.

sis tamara and Norman

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