Thursday, April 11 2024
So it’s been a day of possible last’s with the Housemates getting their moment on the hair dressers chair and puckering up for this evenings Live Show event. The Nominations Diary Sessions weren’t to be left out.

The feeling around these is usually nostalgic and nerve wrecking. While the likes of Lexi, Kat and Thando are familiar with this particular feeling, it’s an entirely new disposition for Poolie, Mzamo and Loko to find themselves in.

Everyone last words resembled something out of an Emmy acceptance speech. The Housemates sang their unanimous praise and thanks to their fans out in the ether, and of course Big Brother himself for the opportunity amongst millions.

Buddies Mandla and Sol reckon that they are safe with Sol pointing out that surely there would be other people in the House besides himself whose leaving likelihood was tons higher. Now that’s confidence for you.

Mandla’s only fear going into the House was being first on the list to leave and he was glad he dodged that bullet. In the way of regrets, however, he was nervous about his actions in the House haunting him on the outside.

Going forward Sol added that it was a good thing that, when Big Brother handed out the five strikes for conspiracy, the truths about alliances were exposed. When he pointed out that he felt Loko, as one of the conspirators and the incoming Head of House, was not in his camp he was promptly reminded that friendship was a feeble thing when a million was up for grabs.

Poolie and Lexi both felt hard done by with the all-out Nominations having won Immunity for this week. While Poolie could only be described as nervous wreck, Lexi expressed her utter disappointment at losing out on all her hard work coupled with a distaste at being the target of conspiracy.

Kat walked in a bundle of nerves but felt at ease when she thought of the Secret reward that was headed her way.

Most of the Housemates were frank about the possibility of leaving the House with Mzamo hoping that his time in the House has already reaped fruits for his pursuits on the outside.

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