Sunday, April 21 2024

There’s no rest for the wicked especially in the Big Brother Mzansi house. Just moments after bidding fairwell to Matthias and Sibu, the housemates once again ventured back into Big Brother’s trusted diary room to give their individual nominations.

With another week under their belts, most of the housemates had an even clearer picture of their fellow contestants and were slightly more prepared for this round of nominations. Some of the reasons where strategic moves but most were based on personal peeves.
Tiffini and Gino once again led the pack of votes with Khali, Tembi and Adams all referring to Gino’s behaviour when intoxicated as their reason for putting the siblings up for eviction. K2 and Blue’s winning streak might have come with a dark cloud over it as they also garnered a fair number of votes with Bongi admitting that the pair is an imminent threat.
Have a look at a full list of the individual nominations below:
Bongi – K2 & Blue
Khali – Tiffini & Gino
Ace – Soxx & Bexx
Ntombi – K2 & Blue
K2 – Chelsea & Mbali
Blue – Adams & Tembi
Gino – Mbali & Chelsea
Tiffini – Adams & Tembi
Chelsea – Adams & Tembi
Mbali – Bongi & Khali
Pumba – K2 & Blue
Kay – Tiffini & Gino
Soxx – Tiffini & Gino
Bexx – Tiffini & Gino
Tembi – Tiffini & Gino
Adams – Tiffini & Gino
Today morning the housemates will give Biggie their couples nominations and it’ll be interesting to see if the pairs will find common ground on who they’d like to see go home


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