Thursday, April 11 2024
If you thought it was allover as regards what allegedly transpired between Adams and Bexx, then you better read on to find out the latest measures the show’s producers have decided to take.
It was confirmed yesterday that M-Net enlisted the services of law firm, Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr to take over the investigations into the circumstances that led to Adams and Bexx’s sudden exit from the Big Brother house.
It was also revealed that the show’s producers take matters of housemates’ well being and health very seriously and that’s why this matter has to be sorted out in order not leave any doubts.
After the independent investigations, if necessary, further action will be taken, it was further reveled.
What’s your take on the Adams-Bexx incident, is it fair to continue torturing the two housemates or the law still has to take it’s course?

Is it k2Blue , K2Thembi or Just a game?


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