Friday, July 19 2024
Soxx and Tembi were pitted up against the Royal Blues to win the massive prize of R50 000.00. The housemates were locked inside a cage with bars of soap and a bucket of water. The housemates had to moisten soap with the bucket of water and rub it against their partner until the soap had shrunk enough to reveal three keys which were hidden inside the bar of soap. 
They then would have to remove the keys from the soap and try the keys to open the cage and the first couple that would free themselves would be win the money. Soxx is warned by Biggie that he can only rub the soap up against his partners body and not his own. 
K2 and Blue were scrubbing furiously too as both couples did not want to give an inch with so much money at stake. Both pairs were soaped up and soaking wet as each partner rubbed as hard and fast as they could to get the three keys out as quickly as they could. 
Soxx and Tembi finally managed to get the keys out and were elated when Biggie announced that they had won the huge prize of R50 000.00 they threw their hands in the air and then fell into each others arms, exhausted yet happy. 

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