Sunday, April 21 2024

The Big Brother House is getting more interesting minute per minute as a lot is getting unveiled.

After the Head of House Challenge were Tulz emerged the first HoH of Big Brother Mzansi 2022, Biggie summoned the housemates to make their first Nominations for the fake eviction on Sunday.

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Here is how it went down:

Mvelo -Nominated Themba and Sis Tamala

Acacia – Nominated Thato and Norman

Zino – Nominated Dinkybliss and Yoli

Nale – Nominated QV and Mvelo

B.U. – Nominated QV and Gash1

QV – Nominated Libo and Thato

Gash1 – Nominated Themba and B.U.

Venus – Nominated Mphowabadimo and Norman

Norman – Nominated Mvelo and Themba

Thato – Nominated Acacia and Mphowabadimo

Themba – Nominated Gash1 and Sis Tamara

Mphowabadimo – Nominated Venus and QV

Sis Tamara – Nominated Mvelo and Norman

Dinkybliss -Nominated Acacia and Nale

Yoli – Nominated Gash1 and Venus

Tulz – Nominated Yoli and Acacia

Terry – Nominated Themba and QV

Libo – Nominated Dinkybliss and QV



Day 1: A rundown of the hottest moments so far - bbmzansi


Photos: Interior view of the Big Brother MZANSI House

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