Sunday, April 14 2024

Lungstar_full_96be00ed-74e8-4296-905d-68e9a06960f5_541409125427423“Good evening Mzansi, welcome to another exciting Live Eviction Show,” that would be our host, Lungile Radu affectionately known asLungsta, every Sunday of the last two months.

It wasn’t just his good looks and contagious laugh that made him one of the most loved hosts on Mzansi TV, but his immeasurable ability to click with the audience and viewers at home and his humbleness.

Our very own Lungsta became a hit in homes all over Mzansi as the old and young alike marveled at how swiftly he ran with the Show, spicing it up with Tsotsitaal here and there.

We caught up with this debonair youngster and the passion in his voice as he shared his experience, as part of the Show was heartwarming.

“I was flattered that the producers wanted me to do it and I was up for the challenge,” he said. What a challenge every week proved to be for Lungsta as Biggie’s twists and turns kept, not just the Housemates but him too, on his toes.

He counts every Live Show as a highlight of the Season as none was ever similar to the other. Before going live, he said he listened to a lot of music in his dressing room, especially Rap. “It always felt like we’re about to kill something and as always, I pray before I do anything,” he shared.

He added that he hopes his role as the face of the Show has exposed the different layers of talent he possesses. What he knows for sure is that it introduced him to a whole new community, the large Big Brother family, which made him feel like he had been living under a rock all along. The ladies didn’t stop asking if our man was taken or not and he was quick to clear that one up. “Yes, I am in a relationship,” he confirmed. *BOOM*

However, the good news is that he would certainly be a Housemate on Big Brother Mzansi if the opportunity would avail itself. “It’s better than playing the lotto and it’s a platform to showcase what you’re good at.” He added that his strategy would be dependent on what lay before him at the time; the type of Housemates and the format of the game. “You can never be prepared for anything like this,” he emphasised.

The Show may have ended but it’s not the end for Lungile and his company, Parental Advisory Productions, has a lot of exciting shows coming to DStv. Without letting the cat out of the bag, Lungsta confirmed that a big soccer show will be hitting our screens soon. We absolutely can’t wait!

In conclusion, Lungile said the best Housemate took the milli home, adding that Lexi was right up there too and that Mbali would have given Mandla a run for his Million, had he stayed the course.

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